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Stormy Beach

Jennifer Damian

Chairperson - Moving Water Alliance


Community, Family, Ocean, Learning, Volunteering


Jennifer is an educator, autism specialist, disabilities advocate, and biomedical mentor in Los Angeles, USA working with various disability nonprofit organizations and schools in both the US, UK, and South Africa. She is a doctoral candidate in Special Education with a strong interest in Neuropsychoimmunology and genetics. Her research into endocrine disruptors and the effects of plastic on the human biological systems is due in part to her involvement with her own son’s journey with Autism and autoimmune dysfunction. Jennifer’s work apart from the developmental and educational realm includes her many decades working as a member and volunteer with Maine and New Hampshire Audobon Societies, New York State Trails rehabilitation, Heal the Bay, Boy Scouts of America projects, Greenpeace, and California Coastal Cleanup. She has sat on various boards for international and national nonprofit organizations and heads up the Oversight Committee as Chairperson at Moving Water Alliance.

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