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Earth Mother Community is a platform entirely operated by a dedicated team of global volunteers. Our projects are designed to help the earth and communities to flourish. Launched in July 2022, our projects have migrated over from The Planet Calls CLG with the same team and the same goals, just a different platform. We currently have 3 significant projects on our platform: Moving Water Alliance, Earth Mother Magazine and Mother Love Project. We welcome dedicated volunteers as we grow and evolve into a more powerful global community organisation. 


Volunteering Group


In order for society to function properly, we need empathic people to come together and uplift communities while taking care of our environment and encouraging others to do the same. Climate change, wars and natural disasters seem to have become the order of the day. Thanks to the recent pandemic, plastic pollution is at an all-time high and is further damaging sensitive ecosystems in our oceans. Our Mission is to help both the environment and members of communities thrive. We want to make a difference wherever we can. Change starts within and when we come together, merging hearts and minds, we can have an enormous influence and impact on the world around us.


Our vision is to improve the planet and the quality of life for all living beings, in whatever small way we can, starting today.

Volunteer Using Sign Language
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